Welcome to, an open source phone safety directory. Our goal is very simple. We want to provide a free service to our users to identify and protect them from various phone scams currently in operation. We help you screen calls before you have to answer them and save you time and hassle in dealing with telemarketing calls and unknown caller IDs amongst other things.

We use proprietary algorithms to scour databases across the web and summarise all the informaion for you in a neat and easy to understand manner. Below you can see a list of features we offer.


Search through our databse by typing the phone number you are looking for. If we have information available, you will see the details.

Caller ID

Some phone numbers have names and address matched to them. This will help you identify an anonomous caller.


You can see feedback left by others in the comment form to see if you should return the phone call. You can also leave your own comments.

Currently, we only support phone numbers in USA and Canada. We are in the process of covering the entire globe but it is a complicted process and will take some time. In the meanwhile, feel free to browse our website and contribute if you wish to do so. Below is some recent activity on the website:

Comment by Joe g on 707-971-2583
29th March 2019 - Friday, 07:07am
Called me I called back then they called again
Comment by Kenny on 202-431-4411
12th March 2019 - Tuesday, 14:44pm
Calls twice in an hour. Says are be safe at home. I said "no" when asked if I was interested. Calls every day. Cannot get rid of them.
Comment by Ryan Mcnealy on 702-857-8345
25th January 2019 - Friday, 22:26pm
Targeted robodialer leaves message saying you were named in a law suit and you will be arrested and need to call their number
Comment by Boris Priakin on 443-203-4243
28th December 2018 - Friday, 14:15pm
Scammer, trying to buy homes in probate...
Comment by Boo boo on 415-746-1571
12th December 2018 - Wednesday, 14:33pm
Fraud caller. I don't answer and my recorder is off to try and discourage repeats. Just know it's fake by my CID. Which says
Comment by Betty A on 805-457-8288
12th December 2018 - Wednesday, 14:20pm
Claims to be grandchild that had an accident
Comment by radha on 630-773-2664
1st December 2018 - Saturday, 03:14am
iska name or adderess
Comment by darren on 361-834-3262
19th November 2018 - Monday, 13:07pm
caller was woman named jane looking for elliot. no one that name lives here ouch
Comment by frank on 708-281-3172
19th November 2018 - Monday, 13:07pm
any ideas who this is?
Comment by Orion on 801-258-0408
19th November 2018 - Monday, 13:06pm
early morning call. i missed it
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