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Some phone numbers have names and address matched to them. This will help you identify an anonomous caller.


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Currently, we only support phone numbers in USA and Canada. We are in the process of covering the entire globe but it is a complicted process and will take some time. In the meanwhile, feel free to browse our website and contribute if you wish to do so. Below is some recent activity on the website:

Comment by Bryan on 657-279-8820
13th August 2019 - Tuesday, 13:36pm
I get a call from #657-279-8820 twice a day every day. When I answer, the caller hangs up. I've never received a message. Must be a scammer will no balls.
Comment by Dorothy Karcher on 973-669-4903
10th August 2019 - Saturday, 04:54am
They called, left no MSG and hung up. Caller ID says private number
Comment by Barbara K. Feller on 702-718-2616
23rd July 2019 - Tuesday, 14:10pm
No idea WHO IS CALLING ME. I DO NOT ANSWER UNLESS said caller is already in my address ph book. Any1 new KNOWS THEY HAVE TO SEND ME....a MESSENGER APP text msg b4 I answer ph.
So i cant say if this ph# is safe or not.
Comment by Dar on 773-564-9399
22nd July 2019 - Monday, 16:58pm
They never leave message
Comment by Locjan Kumar on 620-692-3990
23rd June 2019 - Sunday, 12:32pm
Wrong number
Comment by Holly on 301-690-9831
20th June 2019 - Thursday, 09:09am
Called. Left no message.
Comment by peter on 915-302-3819
18th June 2019 - Tuesday, 17:36pm
this caller tried to hack people's google account by requesting verification and fishing people by sending text
Comment by Erin Mccoy on 469-467-5033
14th June 2019 - Friday, 09:55am
This place called me left a voicemail saying that they have information that my social security number has been use for some kind of major activities and they needed me to call then before they went through it. I know first off thats not how people shouldn't go about any personal matter and second I know that's bull crap I know nobody has used my name and social wow.
Comment by Virginia Beach on 347-343-3437
22nd May 2019 - Wednesday, 13:57pm
Attempted Craigslist scanner. Shows interest in a large ticket item, then claims to be moving and unable to pickup in person and will send movers. Offers a cashier's check and an uninvited holding bonus and then wants you to pay the mover for them out of the check they send you.
Comment by bob on 435-836-2424
16th May 2019 - Thursday, 10:45am
435-836-2424 (5-16-19 - 11:20 am)
This was an unwanted call to my cell phone.
The government should track them down and put them in prison for harassing my cell phone.
These people must be stopped!
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